Our philosophy

Carrying your bag has become a golf lifestyle.

We produce the finest leather products so that our expertise offers your ideal golf companion.

« What’s needed more than luxury? »

We answer this need by focusing on a limited but unique product in itself.

This is the beautiful work of French luxury that has survived the centuries. With the development of a patina over time your bag will preserve the philosophy of the game of golf.

Portrait Stéphane Bajenoff

In 1983, Stéphane Bajenoff discovered the game of golf on the Saint Samson course (Côtes d’ Armor).


Exposed to the four winds, the route of this course provided him the possibility to live the game under various conditions. He quickly understood that each shot will be unique, each player will approach this game in his own way, and with all the sensitivity that is his.


The years pass. One day in his attic he found the first bag that his father had bought for beginners. It was simple (it had only two pockets), lightweight (it is carried) and leather!
Dirty, worn and disjointed in places, he said that this bag deserves to accompany someone again on the fairways.


Not having found the way to renovate it, he was inspired to design HIS future bag. A bag that looks like him, genuine leather, timeless as the essence of the game he loves so much …


Walk carrying his bag, find the smell, touch its special leather … he had not felt these feelings in a long time!


There he will embroider his name so that this bag is like no other. It is unique … like the swing of its owner!


On several occasions, he realizes that his travel companions notice and appreciate the aesthetics of this unique bag until one day one of his friends asked him for the same design but in other colors, with another seam accompanied by a different embroidery…


And since that day, Stéphane Bajenoff has created, light, unique and personalized leather bags on demand.

boite backskin

Each Backskin bag reminds its founder that the history of every golfer deserves special attention.


Backskin products are produced in limited quantities. For further information, please contact Stéphane Bajenoff or one of our resellers


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